ARCADIA | Issue 23


A strange creature, their intricate weapon, and mysterious architecture amid smoke and flying embers—this cover is perfectly ARCADIA! I can’t get enough of the textures, from the filigree on the bow and garments to the twisted tree bark to the carved stone riddled with cracks … to the light of the flames gleaming off the draped fabric. There’s a story here, and I want to hear the bardsong recounting it.

Gemstone Arcana by Mario Ortegón with art from Elisa Serio
These spells and feats turn gemstones into much more than currency. Properties of gemstones from agate to zircon provide inspiration for lore and worldbuilding, with spells for all caster classes like soulstone, moonlight transformation, and Brinn’s exalted cruiser. The Arcane Gemologist feat lets you use gemstones more efficiently, but if you don’t care to track down gemstone components, just get an immanent gem to replace those rare components and power up your spells!

Religion Construction Kit by James Mendez Hodes with art from Olajide Ajayi and Wirawan Pranoto
Most fantasy settings have a pantheon of deities, but religions are about more than gods. This step by step guide dives into the hows, whys, and wherefores of creating a fantasy religion with its own traditions, values, authority figures, and sacred spaces. Handy form fillable handout included!

Divine Trials Heroes of the Stars by Amber Litke and Sadie Lowry with art from Zuzanna Wuzyk and cartography from Miska Fredman

“It is the nature of mortals to draw connections to things that are greater than us. We see wrath and vengeance in tempests, tranquility in mountains, and stories in the stars….”

In this final installment of the Divine Trials trilogy, the time has come to test the characters’ bonds, cooperation, and trust. Stalwart heroes must stand together—or divided, they will fall.


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