ARCADIA | Issue 24


When I told the team that we’d ended up with a dragon theme for January, Grace Cheung delivered on an EPIC cover! It’s such a gorgeous, unexpected color palette for a tense battle scene—even the pink and gold ARCADIA logo by itself is stunning!

We Ride Dragons by Willy Abeel with art from Bruno Machado
We jumped on mounted combat in ARCADIA 1, and ARCADIA 4 took us from sand to sea—and now it’s time to soar into the skies on the back of your very own dragon mount! And for the GM, homebrewer, and creature enthusiast, there are also step by step guidelines to creating your own mounts and juvenile creatures (baby dragon turtle, anyone?).

In fact, we think these guidelines are so cool that we had Willy film a video on making a mount! You can check it out here and download the axe beak mount he creates in the video.

Granny’s Concoctions by Jessica Marcrum with art from Elisa Serio
Step into this cozy and cluttered apothecary run by Granny “definitely a hag” Greenwinkle and Flufftavius, her loyal “cat,” to browse an extensive collection of potions, poisons, and explosives created by Granny herself. Don’t forget to pick up a punch card, or sign up to learn herbalism and potion brewing as part of Granny’s VIP (Very Important Potioneer) training program.

The Gilded Flight by Carlos Cisco with art from Zuzanna Wuzyk and Nick De Spain
Roleplaying games let us live out our greatest fantasies, like getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, owning a house with no mortgage, and—in the case of this article—punching some corrupt, conniving capitalists. The Gilded Flight presents an organization of four villains (one for each tier of play) that you can use as the backbone of an entire campaign, interweave with another plotline, or mix and match to give your party a chance to take down the most insidious kind of evildoers.

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