ARCADIA | Issue 27


Out of the many ideas for a SHARKADIA cover, Veronica created a masterpiece! My favorite little detail is the little teeny tiny fish on the end of the line … with the gargantuan shark monster lunging up to devour it (and probably the whole boat) from below. C h o m p. But such a large creature might need more sustenance, so I’m imagining it uses those teeth to chew through huge swathes of kelp forests.

Captain Ralazar’s Guide to Sea Monsters by James Introcaso with art from Zuzanna Wuzyk
Our very own lead designer James Introcaso used his expert shark knowledge to create a salty compendium of creatures and magic items documented by a legendary sailor. From the aranoth who absorbs memories to the warp shark whose tail can cut through reality, the belt of blood frenzy to the sharkboat, Captain Ralazar’s tales will inspire your adventures and quests for treasure.

Perils of the Deeps by Gwendolyn Marshall with art from Nikki Dawes
As you descend farther and farther beneath the waves, the light fades and the pressure rises. This article presents environmental conditions and challenges to make deep sea adventuring feel properly perilous—plus, five new monsters lurking in the depths, including the angler shark and dire jelly.

The Ballad of Captain Shivershank by Willy Abeel with art from Elisa Serio
This treasure trove is filled with everything you need to plan an epic swashbuckling adventure within the fleet of Captain Shivershank herself. Your players can sail from quest to quest, encountering rival crews and strange creatures, accumulating treasure and infamy, and perhaps even gathering whispers of the legendary artifact known as Wishes 99….


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