ARCADIA | Issue 28


Is there anything more ARCADIA than a hero rushing into battle against a universe devouring entity with wicked claws and a whole mess of eyes? This cover perfectly marries creativity and epic adventure, which is what makes this game so wonderful. Anna’s art really brings a campaign’s final villain (or your new warlock patron) to life!

Planar Backgrounds by Soraya Een Hajji and Mario Ortegón
These six character origins are packed with inspiration for players and GMs alike! Your next character could be a demiplane traveler who escaped a strange realm to experience the Material World for the first time, an elemental survivor who lived through a natural disaster and became attuned to a certain element, or a void scarred who has been irrevocably changed by incomprehensible knowledge from the realms beyond reality.

Arcanolinguistics by Leon Barillaro and S.A.M.
It usually doesn’t matter what language you say your spell’s verbal component in. But language is culture, and it reveals what spellcasters from different backgrounds might value or excel at. This article overflows with language based lore and new rules that change certain spells depending on which language you cast them in. Spells cast in Sylvan grow over time, Goblin lets you reverse the effect of a spell, and spells cast in Orcish become more powerful the more information you have about the target. Plus, there are new spells that can only be cast in certain languages, like the powerful Infernal bargain and the cheerfully annoying Human encore, and rules for learning new languages as you adventure!

The Magewright’s Studio by Cat and Lore Evans
No more boring +1 daggers! These handy tables let you quickly generate intriguing appearances, features, secrets, legends, names, and even unique upgrades for any magic item. There are millions of combinations among these flavorful ideas to make magic items as interesting as the characters who carry them.

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