ARCADIA | Issue 29


What Lies Beneath by Indrani Ganguly

Go deep below the waves and behold three new sea creatures inspired by South Asian mythologies—Buddhist, Hindu, and Newar stories.From loyal guardians (the mighty makara), to mythical cornucopias (the prismatic Randhanu), all the way to a ferocious three headed sea serpent (the draconic vritnaga), you’ll have plenty of original critters to bring your seafaring adventures to life. Did we mention that Randhanu can get big enough to swallow a tarrasque?

Dungeon Invasions by Chris Bissette

You planned your session and sat down to play, but the players blasted through all of your encounters and you still have an hour left to fill. “Dungeon Invasions” presents three surprise boss enemies to drop into your games at a moment’s notice. If you’re familiar with the recurring monsters that just won’t die in horror movies and video games, then this is the article for you! Say hello again and again to the Bleeder, the Terraformer, and the Mutator.

A Spirit Across Seas and Stars by Bianca Bickford

When the characters come into possession of the Marcuria, a sentient sailing ship, they can embark on an adventure to fully awaken the vessel and unlock its ability to soar through the skies and to new worlds. This narrative outline provides adventure ideas, NPCs, and more to help you weave the story of the Marcuria throughout your campaign.

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