ARCADIA | Issue 30


This is one cover we’ve wanted to make from the beginning. Behold STARCADIA! It’s time to explore the universe in style. Pick your ship and get in, loser. We’re going to the timescape.

Magic for the People by Erin Roberts

Yeah, fireballs are great, but have you ever used magic to create a stick that points toward the nearest source of freshwater? This article presents rules for learning and using folk magic—items, rituals, and more that help people accomplish everyday tasks. Each element of folk magic has adventuring applications as well. For instance, the joined as one ritual is great for a married couple or just a group of adventuring pals that wants to watch each other’s backs.

The Crossroads by V.J. Harris

Just step through the mouth of a mimic in a certain city alley and you’ll find yourself in the Crossroads—a demiplane of criminal delights! At this extradimensional marketplace, you can buy pretty much any goods or services an adventurer might require that they can’t legally purchase anywhere else assassinations, poisons, chimera eggs … you know, the essentials. It’s even connected to other criminal marketplaces across the planes. If you need to travel the multiverse, the Crossroads has you covered. Just bring enough gold to pay the pit fiend guardian!

The Last Seven Notes by Sadie Lowry

Of course, for our final ARCADIA issue we had to get a celestial goodness from an author who has been dishing out divine grace since the magazine’s first issue. “The Last Seven Notes” is an adventure for 7th level characters that takes place in a cathedral where a Celestial became corrupted and began slaughtering clergy without warning. A special song can restore the being back to their goodly self, but the surviving priests only have an incomplete version of the tune. On a dark and stormy night, the characters enter the cathedral and brave its corrupted guardian to find the last seven notes of the song.


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