Cosy Ice Cave Battlemap

Cosy Ice Caveis an 18×12 battlemap that’s compatible with any tabletop roleplaying game and is perfect for printing at home (or at your local print shop) or uploading for use with any virtual tabletop (VTT) platform. It can also be acquired as part of a Premium Content Module for Foundry VTT if bought as part of the Handy Hubs bundle.


Cosy Ice Cave is a large cavern formed from ice. Clusters of glowing purple crystals scattered around the space bathe it in a pale lavender hue. Someone has done a great job of domesticating the space, making it homely and comfortable with rugs, throws, and even a fire for warmth. With ample storage, an area for sleeping, and somewhere to dry clothes, someone could definitely live within the cave for an extended period.

Cosy Ice Cave preview

Download Contains

Printable 18×12 PDFs of the ruins at 300 DPI spread over multiple A4 pages, with 1 inch and 28mm grid printing instructions provided

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