Curse of Strahd Dusk Island Extraction

Curse of Strahd Dusk Island Extraction is a 5th Edition (5e) Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) adventure module for a solitary character of levels 1 4. Options for adjusting the adventure based on a small party are available. The Curse of Strahd Sourcebook and Core Rulebooks (Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide) are required to run this adventure. Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft is a strongly recommended supplement for this adventure.

Content Warning This product contains elements of body, dark fantasy, folk, gothic, occult, psychological, and slasher horror. It also includes potential scenarios of imprisonment, interrogation, and torture.

Depending on your time constraints, play style, and environment, this adventure may require Total game time 8 hours. One shot session time 4 hours.

Adventure Setting

The adventure is set in the Domain of Dread called Barovia in the Curse of Strahd Sourcebook, specifically Dusk Haven, a village on a mist shrouded island that “floats” to various watery locations in Barovia, other worlds, and other planes of existence. Battle maps and full details of this island settlement are included in this adventure PDF and as separate JPG files downloadable on DMs Guild.

Adventure Overview

Prologue Contract with the Devil. The adventure begins with a meeting in the town of Valliki with Strahd’s envoy, Rahadin. He explains the desire of his master to rescue Ireena Kolyana from the clutches of an evil Raven Witch. Further details await them from a spy on the island. A contract is formed and the character(s) will be told of a rowboat on the shore of Lake Zarovich to get to the island.

Episode One Dusk Island provides scenario information on the Haven’s protections, businesses, and NPCs. The PC(s) have the chance to socially interact with the mysterious community as they await contact.

Episode Two Planning the Extraction. The PC/party is approached by their contact, Viktor, and given more details for the extraction. They have the opportunity to collect information, plan, and gear for the extraction.

Episode Three Infiltration/Exfiltration. The adventurer(s) find a way to get into/out of the Dungeon. They have a few options, including the sewers, the mausoleum catacombs, and through the Citadel itself.

Episode Four The Dungeon. The adventurer(s) enter the Citadel’s Dungeon in order to rescue Ireena Kolyana.

Epilogue Extraction is the concluding scenario at the Beacon Tower with the Raven’s Eye. Lastly, there is a difficult choice to make concerning Ireena.

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