Equipment in Gaming

Equipment in Gaming sample

This 45 page issue is for Equipment in Gaming.

How can equipment be usine in narrative RPG gaming?

Is equipment just a prop and reward or can equipment affect the narrative of the characters, story, mood/atmosphere, and worldbuilding?

Why focus on equipment advice?

The answer depends on the type of game that you are planning.

  • If equipment is just a reward to you, then this book may not be for you.

  • However, for GMs that look to use equipment to support other story elements, this gook may be for you.

This is a guide book that is meant to aid a GM or solo game player in making creative content.

It’s meant to help give useful tips, make aware challenges, and inspirational ideas. Its generic enough for any genre.

What does this cover?

  • What is an RPG, TTRPG, PC, and NPC
  • Why is equipment?
  • What is the difference between equipment and other similar terms?
  • Why is equipment important in TTRPGs?
  • 4 Ways equipment can affect the narrative
  • 5 Things that equipment can reveal about characters
  • 4 Ways that equipment can help move the story along
  • 5 Things that equipment may enhance in the story’s mood and atmosphere
  • 3 Aspects that equipment may help during worldbuilding
  • 6 Ways to include equipment in your story
  • A 1d12 Random Object table with details into each result.
  • Jewelry, gem, collector’s items tables
  • Modern metal prices to compare with traditional gaming coin values

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