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By readers’ request, Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints are proud to offer this art free, unillustrated edition of The Game World Generator, Deluxe Edition.

Whether you are a phone or tablet user, or if you are concerned about PDF file size, or you want to encourage content creators to not use AI generated artwork, or simply for aesthetic reasons, you will find that this edition contains the complete original text without any illustrations. (Diagrams created by the author are still included for purposes of clarity.)

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Wolf haunted wastelands of frigid tundra,

Veiling lost cities sunken and frozen into the ice …

Mist wreathed mountains teeming with orcs,

Goblins, demons and dwarven underworlds …

Burning battlefields, reigned over

By imperious and ancient dragons …

Steaming jungles, filled with headhunters

And savage apes, guardians to ancient temples

Filled with accursed gold …


These are the realms of old school fantasy role playing, the world of your imagination. This world is a dark and wondrous place, an endless milieu teeming with danger, intrigue, exotic wonders, epic quests, and the bold heroes and villains who dare to conquer all.

And you, as the Game Master, are tasked with creating those kingdoms from scratch. It is your mission to forge an entire alternate universe filled with infinite possibilities, a world which your friends and fellow role players can explore for years to come. But how do you create a world? How do you even begin?

The CASTLE OLDSKULL GAME WORLD GENERATOR is the only guide specifically and solely designed to assist you in creating an entire old school fantasy world.

This is no “It is time for you to take the world into your own hands, and no one but you can decide what to include” copout dodge which demands everything of you and gives you nothing. This is a massive step by step guide, from blank hex paper to the fully realized game world, which explains the entire process to you in granular detail. Even better, this book is filled with dozens of helpful graphics which illustrate the entire mapping process.

If you love lost worlds like Dave Arneson’s “Black Marsh,” Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom and Pellucidar, Gary Gygax’s “Gray Kingdom,” Robert E. Howard’s Cimmeria and Hyboria, Fritz Leiber’s Nehwon, H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands, Michael Moorcock’s Melnibone and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, then this is the book for you.

Highlights include world conception, mapping, scale, landforms, terrain, kingdoms and fiefs, wilderness design, feudal realms and foreign equivalents, city and wilderness names, treasures and resources, hierarchies of nobility, ruler classes and levels, realm alignment, campaign tailored population formulae, demi human enclaves, humanoid tribes, starting area development, dragon lair placement, dungeon placement and much more. Everything you need to turn your ideas into a solid, coherent and adventure filled world is right here at your fingertips.

The GAME WORLD GENERATOR is brought to you by Kent David Kelly of Wonderland Imprints, a role player and Game Master with over 35 years of play experience. Best of all, if there are any other materials you would like to see relating to world or dungeon design, feel free to contact the author. I create the supplements that Game Masters want.

Many more CASTLE OLDSKULL supplements are being prepared specifically to support the players, initiates and Game Masters of the Old School Revival (OSR). This book is your gateway to the realms of sword and sorcery. Join us for the adventure.

(A complete reference work designed to supplement existing pen and paper Fantasy Role Playing Games. Over 100 section topics, 120+ tables, 160,000 words, over 300 pages. Just one of the proud creations available now from Wonderland Imprints — Only the Finest Works of Fantasy.


To view the entire library of available titles for Castle Oldskull, Hawk & Moor, Old School Essentials compatible supplements, and more, please visit Kent David Kelly’s Wonderland Imprints publisher page.

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