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The birdfolk races have ruled over Humblewood from their canopy villages and fortified cities for as long as anyone can remember.Play as one of the five core birdfolk races

  • The astute crow likeCorvumwho safeguard Humblewood’s knowledge

  • The dignified fowl likeGalluswho have faith in the power of community

  • The aloof pidgeon likeLumaswho use their gifts to bring joy into the world

  • The agile hawk likeRaptorswho blaze new trails through the forest

  • The powerful owl likeStrigwho defend what they believe is right

The humblefolk live in small villages throughout the Wood, but are occasionally found in birdfolk cities.Play as one of the five core humblefolk races

  • The hearty deer likeCervawho strive to achieve their goals

  • The sensitive hedgehog likeHedgeswhose empathy lets them see what others cannot

  • The brave mouse likeJerbeenwho inspire those around them with deeds of heroism

  • The resourceful raccoon likeMapachwho can craft a solution to any problem

  • The cunning fox likeVulpinwho are always one step ahead of their foes

What’s Inside?

Restore balance and quench the flames!

A compelling adventure for 1st to 5th level characters!

Face bandits, beasts, and a primal elemental force lurking within the forest’s ancient groves.

All book assets and information fully integrated for the VTT, including all40+ monstersand11 full color mapswith GM layer information and Dynamic Lighting support (requiresplus / pro subscription), rollable tokens, rollable tables, and macros.

Play with Less Prep

  • Humblewood rules and lore variant appearances for your birdfolk and humblefolk, information on creating birdfolk and humblefolk NPCs, the pantheon of Humblewood, and random encounter tables for the locales of Humblewood

  • Over 45 creatures with in app drag and drop, like the shifting slimes which feed on magical energies to become ever stronger, the mountain lion whose roar can summon rockslides, and the terrifying ashsnake with its deadly, pyroclastic breath!

  • 10 birdfolk and humblefolk races and 12 subraces with Roll20 Charactermancer support, including the dusk corvum, the mistral raptor, and the pronghorn cervan.

  • 4 subclasses with Roll20 Charactermancer support, including the college of the road for bards, the community and night domains for clerics, and the scofflaw fighter archetype.

  • 7 unique featswith in app drag and drop, including feats like aerial expert, perfect landing, and woodwise to help you navigate flight and interactions in the Woods.

  • 7 unique items with drag and drop support, including theblade of the wood, theNecronomicon Ex Corvis, and theWing Crest Shield.

  • 10 new spells with drag and drop supportfor quick casting, includingglobe of twilight,invoke the Amaranthine, andstellar bodies.

  • 3 new backgrounds with Roll20 Charactermancer support.Play as a bandit defector, a practical and level headed Grounded, or a destiny bound Wind Touched.

  • Character Art Pack for player characters and NPCs alikefeaturing the gorgeous art ofHumblewoodon pre made tokens and handouts.

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