Palace of the Golden Princess, Old School Essentials

Enjoy this re interpretation of the infamous banned 1981 TSR module by Jean Well, “Palace of the Silver Princess.” Few have seen the work, the first even authored by a woman, for management ordered it destroyed shortly after publication.

This adventure presents 4 full color maps over its 32 pages and includes

  • A character funnel presented as an alternative to character creation that takes several level 0 characters and discovers which among them has the adventuring mettel to survive to become first level.
  • A fantasy queendom domianted entirely by women, as first envisioned in the original Jean Wells work
  • A sandbox dungeon romp across 3 floors which homages the original, including the inclusion of a decapus.
  • A level 1 3 adventure which presents many deadly encoutners that the characters would best circumvent in order to score the treasure.

The module presents the dungeon as full of treasure and deadly challenges that rewards creative roleplaying and punishes groups who seek to kill everything in sight.

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