Paladin Oath of Fury

Haven’t you had enough of the sanctimonious preaching of every other Paladin at the holier than thou convention? Who hasn’t cursed their friend in anger? Who hasn’t sworn something in a rage, that they later regret? “She’s got a temper,” they say. “He’s got a short fuse.” Well, welcome to the club!

The Oath of Fury Paladin is a realist. No one is perfect. The world isn’t fair. And you’re angry, very angry. You’re angry at the blind piousness of religion. You’re angry at the corruption that helps a rogues gallery to prosper. In a fit of rage, you swore an oath some might say a curse. And now you can call onThe Red Mistor even turn into The Incredible Sulk.

Be careful though, the Furies are coming for you!

This is our first published subclass at Greedy Gorgon Press inspired by the concept of the anti hero. Enjoy!

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