Star City Snooper Food Production Facility

Star City Snooper Food Production Facility

The Star City Snooper is a new planned series of small products that detail the interiors and descriptions of various shops, dwellings, etc. that you would find in a futuristic star faring city. This product line serves space opera/star faring campaigns in the same manner that the Village Snooper line serves fantasy settings. The feel of these products is a mixture of futuristic and familiar elements.

This tenth release of the Star City Snooper details the floor plan of a food production facility. This location grows staple nutrients in massive vats and then further processes it for the market. At the Game Master’s (GM) preference this location could concentrate on starches, proteins, algae based vegetable matter, or a combination of any (or all) of the above. In addition to the factory floor there is an executive side to the complex. The layout in this area alludes that this location is either an independent business or at least a regional headquarters of sorts.
This particular location is massive compared to other Star City Snooper entries, larger than even the prior chemical depot. There’s over 50 numbered and detailed locations within this labyrinth of a factory, making it a complex adventure crawl location for the characters.

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