The Eldritch Chicken of Barley Pines

The Violet Hour is an establishment that was founded by Violet Petals fifteen years ago. A former and seasoned monster hunter herself, Violet established the agency as a means for people to harness her unique skills in tracking and eliminating monstrous threats. However, her days of frontline combat were curtailed when she took an arrow to the wing, leaving her unable to directly engage and conquer the creatures she once pursued.

Case #1 The Eldritch Chicken

The Eldritch Chicken, an otherworldly aberration born of the twisted tendrils of the far realms, stands before you, an unsettling embodiment of cosmic horrors. Towering at an imposing height of eight feet, its form belies a grotesque fusion of muscular bulk and unnerving corpulence. Black, rotting feathers cling to its misshapen frame, their once vibrant lustre now tarnished by the touch of eldritch corruption. Its gaze is a disconcerting void, a portal to realms beyond comprehension. This unholy fusion of flesh and eldritch energies resonates with an unsettling aura, a testament to the monstrous forces that have twisted it into existence.

We use AI generation for art purposes only, all other work is performed by our own hands and/or brains.

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