The Sword Coast Plant Companion

Want to immerse your players in a fantasy world that feels alive? Get natural with this unofficial plant and wilderness environment expansion to the Sword Coast. This pdf is full of flavor text, environmental information, and more that will make your worlds feel more tangible and interactive!

by Olivia L. Dobbs

Sick of not being able to paint a picture of the wildlands and forests your players come across? Wish you could give your rangers more information on their favored terrains? Tired of not knowing what to say when your players ask to forage?

PresentingThe Sword Coast Plant Companion.

Using this unofficial resource, paired with 5e modules that take place on the Sword Coast, you can guide your PCs through travel sessions and wilderness wanderings with ease, creating meaningful adventures for them in between the lovely quest filled citys and towns ofFaerûn.

The Sword Coast Plant Companioncovers a variety of topics including environmental information, plant descriptions, plot hooks, and more!

In addition to being a go to guide for DMs, it also happens to be an excellent tool for players as well! The breadth of information makes it an invaluable tool for ranger and druid characters that wish to be more involved in the world they’re exploring. This book, paired with your creativity, will enable you to create a world that feels real and alive, no matter where players wander.


100 original plants including

  • 13 plants with skill check and saving throw interactions
  • 11 plants for use as potion components
  • 15 plants for foraging
  • 39 original images

Detailed information on the weather, seasonality, and storm events of the Sword Coast.

23 canon wilderness locations expanded on.

Flavor text that assists DMs with setting wilderness scenes around the Sword Coast and immerses players in the environment as they travel about.

Biology informed plant and environmental information, written by a scientist who’s a huge plant nerd.

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