Unbound Zine #1 Killers & Clues

Explore the systems, mechanics, and tropes that make up a good playable mystery! Killers & Clues is the flagship issue of the Unbound Zine, chock full of whodunnits and pointers to keep your table puzzling. If you love a good mystery or three, this is the issue for you!

What’s Inside?

Delicious Breadcrumbs by Cat Evans, an in depth article about how to build mysteries your players can solve.

Sweater Weather by Margaret Mae, a mystery designed for Brindlewood Bay that has your Mavens solving a murder case at a yarn festival.

Fading Into Fog by Alex Niederberger, a system neutral supernatural mystery about a lighthouse and its keepers.

Chasing Yellow by Arnout Brokking, a mystery for the Basic Role Playing system about a star cyclist and the devil who stole his heart.

A preview image, showing off the article A preview spread for an article about a murder mystery. On the left side is a newspaper clipping, the front page headline reading

About the Unbound Zine

Unbound is a ttrpg zine that is published monthly. Each issue is a collection of resources, from adventures and playbooks to articles and editorials, that you can bring to your table. Unbound is an “everything but 5e” magazine that makes content for open licenses, as well as system neutral content and smaller games. Every issue has a theme, and the articles therein examine that theme from a different angle. Our hope is that even if you’ve never tried the systems contained in a particular issue, you’ll be able to find something to take and put in your own game art, story, mechanics, or ideas!

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