Big Goblin Energy!

Big Goblin Energy is a game based on Jared Sinclair’s What’s so Cool About Outer Space? game and it is a little late for the for the game jam but here it is..

In Big Goblin Energy, you play Goblins in the age of sail that is wrought with peril and high jinks. The game has a serious undertone with a coating of tongue in cheek humor and some breaking of the fourth wall. This allows games to run the gambit from a gritty campaign to pots being used as helms and the players trying to sneak past the dog on old man Lovecraft’s farm.

Outside of the base rules found in WSCA, Big Goblin Energy expands them to cover the following

  • Combat with Plot Protection
  • Armor and Shields
  • Lucky Successes and Cruel Twists of Fate
  • Ridiculous Oversized Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Swag and Backpacks
  • Black Powder, Crispy Goblins, and Whirling Gadgets
  • So, You Had a Job in Civilization?
  • So, You Had a Job in the Warrens?
  • Magic or Something Like it
  • Time
  • Light
  • Exploration
  • Encounters
  • Reactions
  • Morale

With that being listed, make sure to have your sharpie handy just in case…

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This item is produced by Tainted Edge Games

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