The Putrid Cave Compatible with Worlds Without Number

The adventure is set up so the Player Characters (PCs) can encounter diverse types of situations and use different adventure styles, allowing for role playing within a rural and woodland situation, with wandering monsters, and a cave encounter. The module offers a chance for the GM to immerse themselves and their players with as much, or little, detail as they want to put in. Large expanses of grassland cover the local area with patches of cultivated land containing villages and farmsteads, woods and hills to the northwest and a river running past a town will give you the GM the opportunity to fit the adventure into almost any setting within your game. I have left the ending open, allowing the GM to slot in further encounters or adventure twists to keep the game moving but with enough happening to turn it into more than one session if so desired.

The Plot

There are several options for the plot

  1. The town leader of Claysidewill ask the PCs to investigate the Middle Hills for bandits.
  2. The local Trader will ask the PCs to deal with the bandits targeting the local roads.
  3. The local village Priest would like the PCs to search for a clump of red crystals believed to be in a cave somewhere in the Middle Hills. It is rumored to be protected by ferocious beasts. The crystals are believed to contain a great evil and will need to be recovered so they can be destroyed in a holy shrine.


These can be gained from the local villagers, from the surrounding area, a local Inn, Pub, or farm.

  • Traders have gone missing whilst travelling along the roads.
  • Animals near the Middle Hills are skittish and more aggressive than normal.
  • Local farmers have heard strange screams from an old cave in the hills.
  • Undead walk the lands near the Middle Hills.
  • Bandits hide in the hills and operate on the local roads waylaying travelers.
This title comes with 18 VTT compatible maps. 3 locations, and each map has 6 versions.


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