The Throne of the Stars

The universe, vast and teeming with the spectacles of creation and the quiet sighs of destruction, harbors a little-known secret – even that which is eternal has an expiration date. A universe where gods are as real as the stars that freckle the night sky and yet as transient as the dreams birthed in the sleep of children. They live, they laugh, they rage, and they love, embodying the essence of life in all its chaotic beauty. But even these gods, who weave galaxies into their cosmic tapestry, who breathe life into the sterile void of space, aren’t spared the universal decree – everything that begins, ends.

When gods meet their end, they leave behind an echo of their divinity – extraordinary fragments of their being known as the Belongings. These artifacts, imbued with divine essence, are as elusive as the gods themselves, and as enigmatic as the secrets of the cosmos. In the hands of a mortal, a Belonging is a remnant of a untold story, a tale of creation and destruction, love and hate, and the cycle of life and death. It carries the potential to reshape destiny, to tug at the threads of the universal tapestry. As the gods fade and their Belongings fall into mortal hands, the curtain lifts on an epic tale, a story of the end of immortality and the dawn of a new epoch.

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Amid the tumult of our reality, as we seek solace in the boundless expanse of our shared imaginary worlds. Today, I am thrilled to announce the arrival of the final installment of our Spelljammer odyssey, “Shards of the Celestial Throne.”

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