Cairn of the Centaur Conqueror

A tenday ago, the human settlers of Olostin’s Hold started hearing strange noises coming from the distant White Stag Hills. Noises of battle. Incessant sounds of thundering hooves, clashing steel, flying arrows, and screams of agony heard from miles away.

Could those be the awakened spirits of the past? And if so, what could be done to lay them to rest? The answers are found in Cairn of the Centaur Conqueror, a Feywild dungeon that only appears once every 777 years…

D&D meets Celtic faerie mounds!

Tomb raiding like it’s never happened before!

Explore a swath of The High Forest full of strange creatures and weird events.

Delve deep into the Cairn of the Centaur Conqueror, where ancient treasures and mysteries await.

A 4th level exploration, puzzle solving, and social adventure set in the High Forest and the Feywild, meant for 4 to 12 hours of play.

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