Crucible of Legend

The Exalted stand astride Creation, ready to remake the world in their own image. From the mightiest Solar to the lowliest Exigent, they are heroes one and all. Yet Creation is vast, and the stories it can hold innumerable. Herein are the tools of the forge where heroes are made, the grand crucible in which the story of the Exalted can be told.

Crucible of Legendpresents Storytellers and groups playing Exalted with tools to help them tell the stories of their characters in Creation and beyond. From character generation aids to alternative crafting systems, from details on the secret agendas of the Exalted and the factions ruling Creation, Storytellers will find a wealth of tips and tricks within this book. The conflicts of the Time of Tumult are the myths of the age to come.

What legends will they tell of your deeds?

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