Living Trees, Plants and Mushrooms for Roll20 VTT

What’s an RPG without a forest with dangers lurking behind every tree?
Do you want your woods to be a dark corrupted place infested with tree, twig, needle and vine blights?
Shall it be a druid grove with vigilant protectors like treants and animated trees?
Maybe the adventuring party will venture into a swamp only to be ambushed by shambling mounds and assassin vines?
Anyways, who needs trees in their woods when you can have a mushroom forest of Underdark with gas spores floating between zurkhwoods, carefully tended by myconids!

Usable on Roll20 VTT out of the box!

25 unique plant themed fantasy tokens for your woodland adventures

Assassin Vine
Awakened Shrub
Awakened Tree
Awakened Zurkhwood
Bridesmaid of Zuggtmoy
Carnivorous Flower
Corpse Flower
Gas Spore
Myconid Adult
Myconid Sovereign
Myconid Sprout
Needle Blight
Shambling Mound
Thorn Giant
Tree Blight
Tri flower Frond
Twig Blight
Vine Blight
Violet Fungus
Wood Woad
Yellow Musk Creeper


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