Make Our Own Heaven


New Heaven.
The biotech capital of the sol system.
Gateway to Jupiter’sexploited frontier.

At the heart of it all is a secret, controlled by the Authority.
A secret they used to build an empire.
To build you.
A biotech miracle, the synthesesof human and angel DNA.

6 months ago you and your clone siblings escaped
from the lab where the Authority raised you.

You’ve found family in the streets of New Heaven. Found a home.
A place where you are more than the weapon they made you.

The Authority wants you back.You can’t let that happen.


Make Our Own Heaven is a tabletop roleplaying game, for one Facilitator and any number of Angel Players.

The Angel Players take on the role ofhybridised human angel clones. Raised from birth as experimental bioweapons, an trained to be tools for the Authority (the corporate rulers of Jov.)On the run in Jupiter’s biggest cityyou’ll need more than Skill and Divine Power to survive.

This is a game about community building, found family, and meaningful resistance.

Inspired by the tv shows Dark Angel, B The Beginning, and The Expanse. As well as real world activist and community groups in my home town and around the world.

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