Phage From Below (MCC RPG)


A deadlyAncient plague has been unleashed on Terra A.D.!Men, manimals, and mutants alike are in danger of succumbing to the Crimson Crust!The players are tasked with assisting a nearby community when their Tribal Leaders succumb to this hideous Ancient illness that causes the victim’s blood to seep to the skin’s surface where it hardens into a chitinous red shell. The subject first becomes insane with rage, then utterly immobile, until they are completely encased thus dying from suffocation.

The only hope for a cure might be found in the very location it may have originated from — the ruins of an Ancient medical facility deep underground. But the players will have to contend with Quantum Wolves, Skyfishers, Medical Experiments Run Amok, and the menacing, mechanical Viroids designed to eliminate genetic aberrations — including the PCs! Can your team of post apocalyptic Seekers find a cure before the world succumbs to thePhage From Below?

Phage From Below is a 2nd level adventure for four to six Seekers. This product is compatible with the Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (MCC RPG).

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