Star City Snooper Botanical Research Center

Star City Snooper Botanical Research Center

The Star City Snooper is a new planned series of small products that detail the interiors and descriptions of various shops, dwellings, etc. that you would find in a futuristic star faring city. This product line serves space opera/star faring campaigns in the same manner that the Village Snooper line serves fantasy settings. The feel of these products is a mixture of futuristic and familiar elements.

This eleventh release of the Star City Snooper details the floor plan of a botanical research center. At this location the employees grow a variety of exotic and bio engineered plants. Depending on the needs of the Game Master (GM), this location can be either innocent in nature or corrupt. The research center is a larger location, likely to be placed on the outskirts of the city (or in an industrial zone, etc.). The map has over 35 numbered locations, making this a worthy environment for an adventure crawl.

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