The Lost Mines of Drothumstone

Designed forOld School Essentials.

King Nothrim’Ston and his kin founded the dwarven mine of Drothumstone some 400 years ago. The hope was to build a new citadel and companion city to Zolotoheim. Trusted by his friend and fellow adventurer, Tasadantilis, Nothrim’Ston was given one of the keys to Tasadantilis’ exradimensional space the looped scepter.

But Nothrim’Ston succumbed to an insidious mental illness that affects many dwarves. Pushing his clan harder and harder, the dwaves recklessly pursued the gem deposits and veins of ore in the mountain. It all ended in a single day as they stumbled upon something that had been better off buried…

  • Includes a mountain hex crawl map.
  • A four level dungeon depicting the mines of Drothumstone.
  • The Schelus Mountains is recommended
  • RequiresOld School Essentials

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