This Ship Is No Mother

This Ship Is No Mother is a game about people in space, working jobs that are probably going to get them killed. It’s 50+ pages, fully illustrated with art by Justin Nichol.

Inspired by movies like Alien and games like Mothership and Dread, this is for fans of tension, creepy crawlies, and general horror. Mechanically, it’s a card based Forged in the Dark game, first in the series of games currently called the Cardsharp Sonata.

In this game, players start with a full deck of cards and as you play, that deck will run down. When the deck ends, there is a climactic moment of panic as one of the characters is going to do something stupid and get themselves (and maybe everyone else) killed.

This game requires a GM or MC and 2 4 other players. The MC will run the game, probably using a pre written adventure. Other than that, you need a deck of cards and some character sheets. If you’re playing at a physical table, a physical deck and some index cards will do the trick. If you’re playing online, you can use the room template below and this spreadsheet for the characters.

This game is designed for one shot play with sessions of around 3 hours.

Link to how to play video https//

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