A Wizardly Guide to Dead Squads

This document is intended to streamline and speed up the use of a player’s undead minions.

Most every player has reviewed the wizard spell animate dead and thought “Sweet! I can’t wait to make my undead army!” What player wouldn’t want a squad of skeleton archers lobbying a volley of arrows where it’s most needed?

Most every DM that has had a player control any quantity of undead minions in the past rolls their eyes when hearing a player planning on creating undead minions. Having one player controlling many creatures has the hazard of quickly bogging down a game, to the point where it becomes unfun for everyone (except for that one player of course).

In addition so summarizing official rules, laying out new optional rules, and providing a few homebrew magic items; this resource also includes a free online worksheet that can be edited for specific users and then downloaded and either printed or emailed to someone’s phone.

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