Between Tangled Roots DMs Pack, Maps & Handouts

A handy DMs pack and six original maps for the Radiant Citadel 10th level adventure “Between Tangled Roots,” set in the Philippines inspired archipelago of Dayawlongon. This pack contains

  • A single page reference version the adventure;

  • Advice and tips on how to run the adventure;

  • NPC profiles of Nimuel, Lungtian, Paolo Maykapal, and Captain Atoy;

    A new monster (the ninuno spirit) and lair actions for the bakunawa;

  • six maps an hand drawn map of the whole archipelago (a hex version with 6 miles per hex and a non hex version), including placenames from Beyond the Radiant Citade;plus color battle maps of the Flames Everlasting Skybridge, the Final Steps of Courage, the Weeping Paths, Sorrow’s Zenith, and the Roots of Bathalang Puno, all available as separate files for VTT use.

    Maps for Between Tangled Roots

  • Maps are also provided as separate digital files, and battle maps are provided gridded, ungridded, and black and white. Battlemaps are provided at 100dpi, while the archipelago maps are very high resolution 300dpi suitable for printing at larger scale.

You will need your own copy ofJourneys Through the Radiant Citadel.

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This item is produced by Elizabeth Van Couvering

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