Creature Catalogue Fantasy Vol 1

I’m writing this document as a side project, adding one creature at a time, as and when I find time or need a brain refresh or a break from other things. It will eventually contain 10 fantasy creatures for use with the Critical 10 RPGGhostly Guardian, Ghoul, Goblin, Hag, Ogre, Orc, Giant Scorpion, Skeleton, Guardian Statue and Troll.

In an attempt to gauge how many customers are really interested in seeing Critical 10 progress, I’ve decided to attach a very small fee. Starting at 40p, for two creatures (this is DriveThru’s minimum limit) the price will increase by 20p each time I add a new creature (to a maximum of £2 for all ten). But, whichever price you purchase at, you will not have to pay for any future updates to this play test volume.

As of 10/8/23, the document contains only the giant scorpion.

Please visit us at FB to cast your vote for which creature you would like to see next. I can’t post a direct link but search for critical10rpg.

Hope to chat with you soon
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