Extra Ordinary Ashcan (August 2023)

When you’re a kid, you grow up thinking the adult world is ordered and sensible, competently coordinated, perfectly arranged. The most important part of growing up is realizing that’s not true. In the real world, everyone is three steps from savagery. Adults are kept civilized by clinging to their systems with desperate fingernails, terrified of what could happen if they slip and let go. Sure, people are kind. People can be trusted. But people also hurt others if they need to, and more often than not, they’ll strike out in fear at anything they don’t understand.

Now imagine you’re something people don’t understand. Something they see and immediately fear. A witch, a werewolf, a psychic, an alien. Something unexplained. Something extraordinary. And imagine, on top of all that, you’re just another kid.

You learned the world’s truth a long time ago, didn’t you?

It’s cruel and unfair, and you know that in your heart, even though you’re just a kid, and every adult says that’s just how life is. You are outraged the world isn’t good, isn’t perfect. That things can go wrong, that pain and suffering are common. You believe things should—and can—be better. And, most importantly, you’re right.

But despite that, your truth is this You’re a kid. You’re extraordinary. You’re traveling in a world that will never fully understand you. You’re escaping from a danger that wants to use and abuse you. And yet, you’re not alone, because you’re with other extraordinary kids, and together, the journey doesn’t seem quite as impossible.

You’re on the run. The adventure has begun. The only way out of this danger is through. Are you ready? You better be.

Good luck. And don’t stop running.

Extra Ordinary is a tabletop roleplaying game that uses the Belonging Outside Belonging system, also called the No Dice, No Masters system. It is about kids and teens with extraordinary powers running from perpetual danger in an ordinary world. The kids’ extraordinary abilities can be anything—maybe they’re magical chosen ones, maybe they’re cryptid shapeshifters, maybe they’ve been genetically spliced with bio matter from eldritch abominations, whatever. What matters is that they’re all being chased by the same Danger, and together, they at least stand a chance.

This specific document is intended to be an Extra Ordinary ashcan, meaning it is an incomplete but playtestable version of the currently unfinished game. If you’d like to help with the development of this game, feel free to send me your thoughts after a playthrough or two using the DriveThruRPG commenting system.

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