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I am gearing up to releasing the Tisa’Dor city map, but in the meantime let’s start the party out on the nearby town of Willowdale, a quant little town on the cliffs overlooking the Darkwater Sound. But there is mystery to be solved in the town. A corrupted willow, people disappearing. Willowdale might need some extra help.

This particular product can be played separately but it is quite definitely tailored to be played alongside the Sorvendyre Region map and the Major Factions of Tai’Vior. It includes the adventure that leads into the Tidal Caves and adventure hooks for it too.

It is a low level module, but as all things it can be adapdted for higher levels.

If you really want to fill out this product with more lore, you can pick up other products set in the Sorvendyre region, or the Dimma Shroud area.

For THIS map set, it is a great way to set up the Claws of the Fallen Arc set before the Whispers of Shadow Arc (See Nessa’Mor, Triproot Barrow for that Arc), a certain time set before the next Gloom War on the Tai’Vior continent.

Anyway, enjoy. Oh! And I would really really appreciate playtest feedback, it would help make this and the next products better.

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER MAPS and LORE products. I’m creating maps that connect to each other.. (Note Though, feel free to use this map seperately if you wish.)

Enjoy the product.

Have fun!

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