100 Things to Find in a Fantasy Alley (PFRPG)

Alleys are unlike the larger roads. They typically get less traffic through them, may come to abrupt ends and can be a place where bits and pieces of junk end up. This supplement has 100 things to find in a fantasy alley, from the odd to the potentially worrying. They can be used to add colour to an alley and as potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results

  • Marked on one wall in chalks of different colours is a complicated symbol. It appears (DC 20 Linguistics check) to be a marker denoting the alley as someone’s territory.
  • Methane gas is present in the alley, having seeped up from the sewers. There is enough gas that an open flame will cause a small explosion (naked flames will ignite the gas, causing 2d6 damage to all within the alley).
  • Minor possessions have been scattered on the alley’s floor. All are usable, though none are valuable (2d4+2 minor items worth no more than 2 cp each). It looks like several people dumped them and fled.
  • Moss is growing thickly on every surface of the alley. It is dripping with water and, when trodden on, squelches. The alley’s floor is slippery as a result (treat as if affected by a grease spell).
  • Most of the alley is filled, and blocked (Medium and smaller creatures can squeeze past; Large and larger will not fit), by a huge pile of soil that has been dumped there.

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