5e Better Play

With over 100 pages of gameplay improvements to run in your D&D 5e game you’ll get all this and more from the 5e Better Play book

  • Simple Spell Save Stats (no more looking up books before rolling)
  • Making early levels hardier (with the New AC Pool)
  • New Actions for everyone to use (Solving action economy imbalances)
  • Legend Levelling (Allowing heroes to play through multiple campaigns whilst still challenging them)
  • Critical Hit Bonus Effects (For exciting twists to critical hits)
  • Special Attacks (Making combat exciting again without sacrificing all the damage)
  • New Death and Dying Rules (Fight Together, Die Together)
  • Unlimited Inspiration System (Reward your players more often)
  • Banned Divination Spells (Return the Mystery to your games)
  • Looting and Harvesting (Streamline searching corpses and haggling on worg tooth market price)
  • Simple Inventory (Track almost nothing but still make them think)
  • Magic Attunement Changes (No more “unattuned” stacking or 3 Max Limit)
  • Madness Re imagined (with d100 madness results that might hurt enemies, allies or even yourself)
  • Consumable & Magic Item Crafting

Optimised for Tablet and PC reading with large easy to read font.

We hope you enjoy.

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