Barter Alleys 01 Grady Crossing

Barter Alleys 01 Grady Crossing
Barter Alleys is a series of system generic products that are usable for most cyberpunk themed tabletop role playing games. Each entry in this product line details an alley, side street, etc. where you’ll find an assortment of vendor stalls and booths. Other features such as makeshift housing, vending machines, storage buildings, etc. are also included. Each entry in the series includes two copies of a street map. One copy is numbered for the Game Master (GM), and one map is unnumbered for the players. You’ll also find detailed, colorful entries for each numbered area and a random roll chart for drop in encounters.
Barter Alleys content is written in a manner that allows it to have a whole lot of flavor while still being as compatible as possible with most cyberpunk genre game systems/editions. The details are inspired by real world elements as well as numerous cyberpunk sci fi related movies, novels, games, etc. When costs of items are mentioned they are listed as “credits” (such as worth 10 credits) rather than a specified currency. 1 credit is generally the equivalent to 1 euro, dollar, pound, or whatever functions as the standard for your game world or preference. The maps have squared off passages where each square either represents 1.5 meters or 5 feet

The first release of Barter Alleys focuses on Grady Crossing. Unlike most dead end alleyways, this location is located at the intersection of two narrow passages. This location gets its name from the Grady Textile Plant, an old factory that once sat on the very location of the passage crossing. The manufacturing facility was condemned a few decades ago by the city and turn down. Once the lot was paved over the area gradually became a maze like structure off narrow passages and multiple vendor stalls. Grady Crossing isn’t entirely in an urban combat zone nor is it in the better part of town. This location is best suited for a colorful but shady area of the city where college kids, junkie drifters, and fashion gangs all infest the same crowded alleyways.

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