Battle Arena Constructor for Roll20 VTT

Ever got tired of plain old arenas with nothing to do on them but hit your enemies?
Ever wanted to give your players an interesting challenge, filled with obstacles?
Then make your very own unique battle arena!
You can start a noble tourney or throw adventurers to fight for their freedom in the shady underground arena.
Force your fighters to jump from platform to platform! Give your casters runes, which amplify their powers! Hinder everyone’s movement with crazy traps! Maybe replace the floor with lava?
It’s all in your hands now…

Usable on Roll20 VTT out of the box!

This pack includes
4 ready to go maps filled with obstacles (Size 30×30, 140px/square, with&without grid)
4 open arenas to build any layout you want (Size 30×30, 140px/square, with&without grid)
82 placeable objects to customize your battles for any occasion

Gravil pit
Sand pit
Chair red
Chair sandy
Magic circle green
Magic circle red
Magic circle violet
Magic mark green
Magic mark red
Magic mark violet
Magic symbol red
Magic symbol violet
Cannon with big flame
Cannon with flame
Spiked gates blood
Spiked gates
Cage medium
Column grey
Column sandy
Electric ring off
Electric ring on
Grate vent
Magic sphere green
Magic sphere violet
Spike trap off
Spike trap on
Spiked coloumn blood
Spiked coloumn
Block grey
Block sandy
Block grey
Block sandy
Block grey
Block sandy
Spiked wall blood
Spiked wall
Cage large
Column grey
Column sandy
Sandstone platform
Stone platform
Moat empty grey
Moat empty light
Moat empty sandy
Moat of acid
Moat of lava
Moat of spikes grey
Moat of spikes sandy
Moat of water horizontal grey
Moat of water horizontal sandy
Moat of water vertical grey
Moat of water vertical sandy
Cage huge
Sandstone platform
Stone platform
Stairs masonry grey
Stairs masonry sandy
Stairs simple grey
Stairs simple sandy
Fire grid closed blood
Fire grid closed
Fire grid opened
Sandstone platform
Stone platform
Fire grid
Pool empty grey
Pool empty light
Pool empty sandy
Pool of acid grey
Pool of acid sandy
Pool of gravil grey
Pool of gravil sandy
Pool of sand grey
Pool of sand sandy
Pool of snakes grey
Pool of snakes sandy
Pool of water grey
Pool of water sandy

30×30 Lava arena
30×30 Sand arena
30×30 Sandstone arena
30×30 Stone arena




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