Exquisite Corpse An Art Installation by the Exquisite Society

Exquisite Corpse An Art Installation by the Exquisite Society is a Tier II adventure written for the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

This adventure was designed by a team of seven writers who pulled inspiration from the exquisite corpse format. Each chapter, or Oeuvre, as they are called in this adventure, was written without the knowledge of what the other creators were writing. The only information provided to the writers was that each section required the following

  • No more than 1,000 words
  • At least one way to leave the Oeuvre, either back to the Gallery, to a random Oeuvre, or both
  • One angel related MacGuffin

While a rating of PG 13 was agreed upon by the writing team, content warnings are included below. Note that some content warnings can be avoided by skipping oeuvres, so check out the preview to determine if this adventure would be suitable for your table.

This title includes

  • Seven mini adventures to be played in any order to complete the overarching goal
  • Six unique maps
  • Five brand new stat blocks

What people are saying about  Exquisite Corpse An Art Installation by the Exquisite Society

So often I crave an embrace of the truly bizarre and beautiful in tabletop games; thisdelivers upon those desires and somehow surprises me despite being exactly whatIwanted.
— Isla Lader, @bookendjams

Un uso magnífico y excitante de pequeños mundos, que están conectados dentro de esta extravagante galería de arte. Exquisito
— Role per Second, @rolepersecond

Each Oeuvre is striking, with great visual details, interesting hooks, and a clever question to explore. While each has a distinct voice, they all fit together. It’s amazing that scenarios created in isolation from shared prompts could feel this tightly connected. Every one of them shows wit, and the overlapping of themes—art, everyday life, illusion—provides a connective tissue between locations.
— Age of Ravens, @edige23

Spread example from Exquisite Corpse. Text laid out in two columns with a tapestry image on the left spread and text in sidebars on the right spread.

Writing and EditingAlex Niederberger, Alison Huang, Anya Reyes, Dialectrical, Kari Jo “Kage” Freudigmann, Kdurs, and Seedling
CartographyAlex Niederberger, Alison Huang, and Seedling
Layout DesignKari Jo “Kage” Freudigmann and Seedling

Potential Content WarningsBody swapping, colonialism, death and decay, extreme arrogance, extreme cold, food, giant bugs and crabs, hauntings, large creatures, light gore, mannequins, marine life, mental control, skeletons, space, and wolves.

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