EXTRA LOOT Colossal Desert Worm Variants! 36×45

Hello everyone! This post is scheduled, so it’s past Ren chatting with you now!

I’ve received a range of feedback regarding the Colossal Sand Worm map (you can find it here!). While some of you were excited about playing on the map, others mentioned the challenge of using a living creature in a static setting. This led me to create two unique variants.

The first variant showcases a colossal petrified worm in the desert, complete with wooden platforms and rope bridges. This setup is perfect for engaging in battles across different elevations and maneuvering through narrow passages. In contrast, the second variant transforms the statue into a stone cliff with docks. The combat tactics remain unchanged, but the atmosphere takes on a different vibe.

I hope you find these variations appealing! This set is tailored for EVERYONE. Patrons will find a link just below for the map in its original size, while all our guests can conveniently download the map directly from this post.

Thank you for your continued support!


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