Fantasy Heroes and Villains for Roll20 VTT

Wanna add some new colorful NPC’s to your game?
Or maybe create a character, matching a certain visual you like?
Here some cheerful heroes to aid your adventurers on their journey along with some dark baddies to stand in their way!
Knights and wizards, bards and artificers lots of different original designs.

Usable on Roll20 VTT out of the box!

25 unique detailed character tokens

Aberrant mind socreresss
Abjuration wizard
Bard of swords
Drow elementalist
Dwarf assassin
Dwarf defender
Eldritch knight
Elf wizard
Explosive artificer
Firbolg knight
Genasi warlock
Gnome inventor
Infernal bard
Old magician
Provocative swashbuckler
Tiefling dealer
Tiefling sorcerer
Undead warrior
Weaponmaster fighter
Yuan ti caster


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