Gallipotu0027s Gulch

Hello all!

Gallitop’s Gulch, like many of my maps, draws inspiration from a variety of places, but I think in particular I can point to some of Studio Ghibli’s work and a certain set of fey benefactors from the Tears of the Kingdom game for credit on this one. I set out wanting to do something a little quirkier/fun and imagined an herbalist/apothecary set in a remote location and operated by an “unusual” proprietor. After some rounds of sketching and inspirational research, Gallitop’s Gulch was born.

What’s included in the Download:

  • Gallitop’s Gulch in high resolution, as previewed above
  • A dormant variant, with everything else in place, but sans hands + mist
  • A vacant variant, with everything else in place, but no Gallitop
  • An unfurnished variant, with all signs of the apothecary gone
  • A barren variant, with all flora gone as well, just rocks + water.
  • Nighttime variants of all of the above!
  • Gridded, gridless, and VTT-Compressed options for all of the above
  • PNG files of Gallitop themselves, both in their elixir-brewing state and their dormant state, with or without shadow, and for both day and night palettes

Gallitop’s Gulch ZIP Download

Gallitop’s Gulch PSD Download ($3+)


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