It Came from the Scriptorium Shadowdark Version

Dark times has fallen upon the Storm Wolf Tribe. Once edible fruits and plants had become poisonous and game that was docile turn into viciously aggressive malformed monstrosities. The source is an abbey used as a vault for dark knowledge way too harmful to be left loose on the world. Something horrible has happened to the kind yet weird monks living in the abbey and it seems to be ancient and beyond evil. Is up to the tribe’s most brave warriors to find out and stop this force before it engulfs the Storm Wolf tribe in its darkness.

It Came from the Scriptorium is a horror dungeon crawl adventure for 3 to 5 PCs of at least level 5, for use with the Shadowdark RPG. The default setting is the Steel Borderlands, a wilderness distant from the settlements composing the civilized lands of kingdoms and empires but it will fit very easily into almost any sword & sorcery setting.

The players should be aware that due the horror nature of his adventure, that their PCs mortality will be high!

Note that this adventure required the Shadowdark RPG for its use.

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