Lost Things Aplenty A Witchlight Supplement

Lost Things Aplenty! This supplement gives you a plethora of magic items and a delightful variety of things your PCs may lose and regain during the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign.

As the DM of the Witchlight campaign I offered my players the choices presented in the module. They all chose something completely different, and so I had to make them magic items that fit. I see this problem often, and so I present to you a supplement that covers many more things that your PCs might have lost.

  • New magic items for the original 8 Lost Things
  • 55 new thing your PCs may lose – each with a corresponding unique magic item
  • A new way for the loss of the Lost Things to affect your PCs instead of just removing Inspiration
  • Art for player handouts for each Lost Thing magic item.

And more! I’ve added 5 additional magic items, including Agdon’s Branding Iron.

Disclaimer All art in the supplement is made using Midjourney and I have used ChatGPT 4.0 as a sounding board for the descriptions. I’ve included Midjourney prompts for some items, the ChatGPT prompt process, as well as some AI bloopers .

I do not wish to take the work from professional artists; however I do not own a stroke of artistic skill, but really wanted to include visual handouts in this supplement. I want to give back, reciprocity and all that. And so as monetary karma

All profits from this project will be spent on commissioning human made art

This item is priced at $1.00

This item is produced by Goofy Spook

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