Sea of Hostility a Moon’s Haunted Adventure

Moon's Haunted   a fantasy adventure roleplaying game of dungeon delving and monster hunting on the moon. Houston? We've got a dragon

ON APRIL 14, 1970, Apollo 13 suffered an explosion in lunar orbit. The three astronauts on board crash landed on the dark side of the moon, presumed dead.

“Houston, we’ve got a problem, here.”

ON MAY 6th, 1970, NASA received a transmission from the lost astronauts. They were alive, and they were not alone.

“Houston, the moon’s… haunted.”

IT IS OCTOBER, 1970. You are the astronauts of Selene 1, the first search and rescue mission to the moon.

YOUR DUTY recover the remains of the Apollo crew, and uncover the mystery of the dark side of the moon.

“Houston… we are go.”

In SEA OF HOSTILITY, players are launched to the moon as part of the secret rescue mission sent after the marooned astronauts of Apollo 13. They are quickly thrown into a quagmire, pulled between alien raiders, vicious moon dragons, and insane Welsh wizards.


  • Randomly generated scenario set up, so each playthrough is different!
  • A hex crawl play ground spanning mountains, craters, plains, and forests! 17 keyed locations!
  • Over a dozen monsters, beasts, and lunar freaks!
  • 8 new magical items!
  • 3 new dungeons! Raid a buried temple, a slavers’ den, and a mad wizard’s tower built from discarded spacecraft!

Designed for MOON’S HAUNTED, but compatible with any game based on the world’s most popular roleplaying game!

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