Space Goblins (One Page Species)

Thousands of years ago, a remarkable event transpired that led to the emergence of a peculiar offshoot of goblins — the Space Goblins. Unlike their earthbound kin, Space Goblins have adapted to the rigors of interstellar travel, forging their identity amidst the stars and celestial bodies.

Space Goblins bear a distinctive look that sets them apart from their terrestrial counterparts. Their skin often takes on a deep, shimmering hue, reminiscent of the cosmos itself. Luminescent patterns trace across their skin, resembling constellations and nebulous formations. Their eyes glisten with an otherworldly glow, mirroring the gleam of distant stars.

Millennia in the past, an advanced civilization piloting a Spelljammer made a fateful landing in Chult. Unbeknownst to them, the shrewd Plats clan of goblins stowed away on the vessel, and cunningly took control. Their newfound dominion proved ephemeral, as their piloting led to an abrupt collision with the petrified remains of an ancient astral spider.

The spider’s colossal corpse harboured its own gravity plane and a steady supply of breathable air. For centuries, the goblins toiled amid the remains of the crashed spelljammer, slowly gaining understanding of the magical technology. The whole time though the essence of the astral sea brought about profound changes, both physical and magical.

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