The Curious Case of Lake Zarovich Side Quest

She is the Ancient presents The Curious Case of Lake Zarovich, a side quest for your genderbent curse of strahd campaign

Lake Zarovich was one of the many natural resources that suffered the imprisonment of the land and the Fanes of Barovia.

The rusalka (rooSAAL kuh) (plural rusalki (roo SAAL kee)) were the spiritual caretakers of the lake for as long as anyone can remember.

However, they’ve all slowly died off through petrification and breaking down through erosion within the lake, save for the lone Vodnici (vod NEE chi).

The rusalka fragments are beautiful and greedy humans stole many from the waters to adorn themselves or sell for profit.

Vodnici wants them to suffer for their selfishness, causing suffering in a desperate attempt to reclaim their stolen family.

This adventure may be discovered by visiting Lake Zarovich directly to witness the events.

This side story is a mystery exploration with an expected average party level of 5.

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