The Daggers of Halit/Imperfect Characters (BUNDLE)

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Want a challenge? Tired of the same old super powered characters? This is a collections of four pregenerated characters designed to bring some extra challenges into your campaign. Everyone wants a powerful wizard, but what if your wizard had a stutter? How would your game play change if you couldn’t rely on your spells to work when you needed them the most? These characters are not comic relief cannon fodder to drag down a game. They are serious, balanced characters with backstories designed to bring some extra thought, extra drama and extra humanity the campaign. Included are A human wizard with a stutter A one armed half orc fighter A blind half elf monk A dragonborn/halfing mix with the worst traits of both (rogue) Extra game mechanics are applied to the characters to real…

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A small group of mercenaries seek to retrieve seven magical daggers before an unseen army destroys a peaceful city.But the evil they face vastly out matches their abilities.How do you stop something many times more powerful than you? This is a large 25 40 hour adventure for 5th to 7th level characters that can be stand alone or easily connected to most any campaign. Players must use their wits over their brawn as they navigate a dangerous underground complex ruled over by a balor demon. Their only hope for survival is to stay unnoticed as they interact with, trick and/or ally with dangerous monsters. Can you go toe to toe with a balor? CONTENT WARNING Though never depicted, portions of this adventure include the suggestion of torture and the threat of torture. It also…

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