The Good, the Bad, and the Chaotic Neutral A 150+ Page Wild West Supplement


The Good, the Bad, and the Chaotic Neutralis a 165 page compendium of rules, mechanics, character options, monsters, and an original adventure to run a unique game inspired by the western genre.

This product includes

165 pages
4 new races
31 new class options
30 new backgrounds
107 new monsters
An original new monsters

Guns, cash, and adventure. Who doesn’t love a good western?

Growing up, I enjoyed films and literature about the seemingly grand American frontier with its cowboy duels and chases. There was something captivating about the lawless landscapes, the clash of rugged individuals, and the pursuit of justice or infamy under the scorching sun.

Out of this nostalgia, as well as to provide something interesting and non traditional for your Dungeons and Dragons table, *The Good, the Bad, and the Chaotic Neutral* was born.

This supplement aims to seamlessly blend the allure of the Wild West with the fun of a D&D game. Whether you want to try something new with this setting or you just want to try incorporating some of the monsters and character options into your already existing games, we hope to provide you with something special.



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