The Last Tribunal

The Last Tribunal!

A gripping and immersive Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition one shot adventure that plunges players into a world of fervent zealotry and twisted ideology. Set within the shadowed halls of an ancient monastery, now claimed by the dangerously fanatical group known as The Last Tribunal, this adventure unfolds as players navigate through beautifully described rooms, each brimming with captivating details and immersive props.

Good or Evil?

Unveil the depths of a dark narrative as your group of valiant adventurers must decide between upholding justice or embracing extremism. Immerse yourself in richly depicted environments, from the sacred chapel with its towering columns to the enchanting garden where secrets bloom among the flora. Engage with a cast of vividly detailed characters, each driven by their zealous convictions and mysterious motives.

Boss Battles

Prepare for intense custom boss battles that mirror the ideals of The Last Tribunal, where strategy and combat prowess are tested against unique foes with intricate abilities. Unearth powerful magic items and uncover hidden truths as you journey through the monastery’s chambers, confronting the echoes of an ideology that threatens to reshape the world.

Magic Items

Loot a variety of custom magic items that seamlessly integrate with the adventure’s thematic narrative. Uncover rare and powerful artifacts that resonate with the ideology of The Last Tribunal, granting players both a newfound edge in combat and a deeper connection to the story. From the Flameforged Longsword, igniting strikes with the power of fire, to the Amulet of the Moonlight, these custom magic items are not only tools of power but also elements that tie players to the adventure’s lore.

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