The Purple Palace Heist

The Job A noble heir is being held hostage by a rival family in one of Waterdeep’s oldest and most notorious houses of ill repute. A party of adventuerers is hired by her family to get her out – but it must be done quietly to avoid a scandal. Any outright violence could attract the City Watch and land the PCs in bigger trouble than they bargained for. Of course, it turns out that the situation is even more complicated than they were led to believe…

An 8 hour adventure for 3rd level characters

This is a high roleplaying, low combat, open world adventure intended for experienced D&D players who know better than to try to barge their way through a densely populated, politically well connected place of business to reach their objective.

This adventure is written as a standalone adventure set in the city of Waterdeep, on the Sword Coast of Faerûn in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Geographical references, street names, and so on are all taken from various official sources for this setting. However, it can easily be adapted to any fifth edition D&D campaign setting simply by changing the names and geography as appropriate.

While the adventure is written to stand on its own, it can also be used as a mission in Waterdeep Dragon Heist, where it would fit neatly into the faction missions of Chapter 2 Trollskull Alley. Simply adjust the location of the initial job offer to fit your campaign.

A critical element of this scenario, however, is that it takes place in an urban setting in which law and order are strictly enforced, and in which violent crime will not be tolerated. In Waterdeep, law takes the form of the Code Legal, enforced by City Watch and all of the resources they can potentially call upon. If you are adapting this to another setting, be sure to emphasize to your players that the local municipality has sufficient resources to overwhelm and subdue them should they choose a path of outright violence.

The Purple Palace Heist isn’t designed with a predetermined path for the PCs to take. Instead, this adventure contains a complex scenario that the players can overcome using their wits, creativity, and more than a few good die rolls.

As in the best heist films, the PCs will have to conduct reconnaissance, develop a plan, and then see that plan through. This guide does not provide a recommended path to the objective; instead, it provides a description of the defenses and precautions that the PCs must somehow circumvent.

Success is not guaranteed! It’s important to note that there are many ways for the party to fail in this adventure. However, failure is more likely to mean arrest by the City Watch and new political enemies rather than character death, and even a failed attempt can lead to excellent storytelling…

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